ENGLISH DEPARTMENT:         English acts as the lingua franca in the educational settings worldwide and it is now the language of quest. Our children will lose out heavily if they are not provided with this invaluable vehicle of progress. Thus to nourish and strengthen their language skills, we give our children an 'early-start' to speak and write reasonably good English. Oral drills, Substitution and Double Substitution drills are practiced  whereby unconsciously children imbibe the 'psychological grammar' which helps them pick up the nuances of the language. Debates, Literary Quizzes, Dramas etc. are conducted often  to help them gain expertise in language.

 *Faculty members:* 

•Mereena Thomas

•Shintu D'Silva

•Gemma Robert

•Melna Malcom Prakasia

•Mini Cyril

•Deepa Panicker

•Diana Rodrigues

HINDI DEPARTMENT:   We provide audio-visual learning through smart classes, online & offline classes and conducts remedial classes. Four-lined books are used in  lower classes to improve  their handwriting. Various interactive sessions like debates, conversation, speech, drama etc. are conducted to inculcate language skills.  Worksheets, assessments, projects, assignments, library note preparations are made to facilitate effective learning. 

 National Hindi Day was commemorated on 14 September in which students partook by giving an exposure to their talents  in arts and co-curricular activities like dance, music, drawing, yoga, karate, cooking, speech, musical instruments and mono act.

 *Faculty members:* 

•Simi John

•Gracy K V

•Reshmi Dharmapal

•Mini Haridas


 *Faculty members:* 

  • Ms. Priya Varghese
  • Ms. Nisha M C
  • Ms. Deepa P D
  • Ms. Sanija K A
  • Ms. SudhaDevi
  • Ms. Nithya K Mani

Our Vibrant Mathematics department includes:

Ms. Migi George

Ms. Treasa Shammy

Ms. Vinitha P V

Ms. Dhanya N.L .

Mathematical life at Assisi is very active. It comprises original investigations, lectures, active discussions, and teaching at many levels. We are deeply committed to imparting the students with a superior foundation in mathematics and the scientific excellence of our faculty is well recognized among the student community. Learning isn't just limited to classes with our different practical sessions using the Mathematics lab, different exhibitions, numerous practice sections and lecture notes shared as PPTs for revision of classes. 

The department is always keen to stay up to date in the fast-paced world and even during the time of this lockdown it was not different. In the month of August, Mathematics teachers attended a webinar on ‘New Education Policy’ conducted by Rachnasagar Pvt. Ltd. in order to prepare themselves beforehand for the new education system of our nation. Under the initiative of the Mathematics department, our Assisi family celebrated the 64th ‘Kerala Formation Day’ by incorporating various programs of our remarkable students into a delightful video program.

While the whole world is fighting against this egregious pandemic, we are also striving hard to mentor our students using different techniques including offline and online classes. Alluring techniques like clay modelling, relating the mathematical shapes with the real environment etc. are utilized in elementary classes while for the higher classes we make use of the evolved technology along with their regular classes.

Recorded classes of important topics are uploaded by our teachers in their google classrooms and channels, so the students can access them anytime. Engaging online classrooms are utilized to make the students understand the concept of mathematics and get a real classroom environment. To put the progress of students in action, numerous practice questions and test papers with in-depth solutions are mapped in accordance with the latest syllabus & examination pattern. 

 Our Social Science Teachers are:

Ms. Jeseetta mol Jero

The very motive behind a Social Science teacher is not just to make the students understand the concept but to equip with values that help them to cope with the real life situations and thereby to analyse the real means of learning Social Science. To showcase the talents of our students various activities were organized like Poster making, Collage, Cartoon Drawings, Paintings, PPT etc. In the month of August, Social Science teachers attended a webinar on New Education Policy conducted by Rachnasagar.PVT.Ltd. Social Science department has taken the initiative to arrange a visual treat by incorporating various programs of our students on Independence day and thereby enhanced patriotic sentiments. These extra activities provided a channel for the students to reinforce the lessons learned in the online and offline classes in a real-world context. Through offline classes we are sending either audio or video for the content explanation and further doubts being cleared through online classes . In addition to that PPT and notes are given through Google Classroom. 

• The basic aim is to make learning of science enjoyable.
• In primary classes, emphasis is given to activities that develop creativity and
abstract thinking among students.
• Both in primary and middle schools, activities are provided to develop
critical thinking and stimulate problem solving abilities among students.
• Classes are planned to include group work or team work and thus helps to
build confidence among students.
• In higher classes, through proper feedback and encouragement, teachers aim
to develop proper interaction among students and teachers.
• A well equipped lab is an asset to our institution.

Our Science Teachers are:

  • Ms. Segin George
  • Ms. Simi A R
  • Ms. Vinitha M V
  • Ms. Rosy Geethu
  • Mr. Nishil Jaison

Our Computer Science Teachers are:

  • Ms. Jennifer Catherine Joseph
  • Ms. Ramya P B
  • Ms. Santria M J
  • Ms. Nimi C J

Our  PE & Library Teachers are: 

  • Ms. Benet Benny
  • Ms. Mary K J